List Within A List - Profile Section


I am stuck at

Oops, try again. Make sure you have at least one unordered list inside your unordered list of profile sections!

I have placed the code everywhere and can not find exactly where it needs to be nested. So I placed the code before anything was added. I just need to understand where it needs to be placed.

<!DOCTYPE html>
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	    <ul> Favorite Quotes</ul>
	    <ul> Travels</ul>


You need to have an ordered and unordered list inside another list.

Like so:


<li> I love to eat:
      <li> something </li>
      <li> something </li>
     <li> something </li>

<li> This is:
      <li> something </li>
      <li> something </li>
     <li> something </li>



I tried that before unless I may have typo'd but thank you. I will close the discussion if I can get passed it :slight_smile:


my code structure does work.

Probably a typo like this:

If after you try you don't pass paste in your code and we can help.


OH! I see it. I did typo as I just did but its working now :slight_smile: Thank you!