List slicing, problem with the interface?


Oops, try again. Your message doesn't look quite right; instead of "I am the secret message!", it should be "!egassem terces eht ma I"

Isn't this backwards? I can't seem to get the exercise to reset. It was giving me the correct error in my first attempt, as in "it should be "I am the secret message." Now it is giving me this, which is totally wrong. I've tried refreshing, restarting the browser, etc.

garbled = garbled[::-1]
message = garbled[0:47:2]
print message


You changed the original

If you're asked to compute 3+1, what you are doing is to change the problem instead to 1+1, and say that the result is 4.

Sometimes two wrongs make a right


Well now I feel like a damned fool. Cheers.


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