List: putting it together

// Build a list
myList = [‘codey sees the trail’, ‘codey starts the hike’, ’ codey is halfway’, ‘codwy reaches the finish’]
// select the 4th item from the list
// and save it to the variable selection

Good day everyone,
what I’m I missing from the code above?


…or are you? sounds like you know more than me.

maybe the reason why you’re not finding whatever it is, is a lack of consideration of what information you already have? presumably there’s some observation, and some expectation, and some difference between them. that would say a lot about what you might want to change.

Hi, I tried running the code to see comic strip but its not responding, I don’t know what im missing from the code. pls help

Hello @web3337448869. Did you select any part of the list? Or did you print the list?

This asks for the fourth item of the list. I’m not sure what language you are in, but Python would do it this way:

var1 = myList[3]#Index three because list indexes start at 0.

If you wanted to then print that value you could like this:


But if you wanted to print the whole list, you could like this:


I hope this helps!