List Practice Pack Question

The question ask:
Given a 2D list cities = [['New York', 'Boston', 'Atlanta'] , ['Seattle', 'Oregon', 'San Francisco'] , ['Denver', 'Austin', 'Chicago']] , use indexes to locate and change San Francisco to San Diego .

My answer was:

cities = [['New York', 'Boston', 'Atlanta'], ['Seattle', 'Oregon', 'San Francisco'], ['Denver', 'Austin', 'Chicago']] cities[1].remove('San Francisco') cities[1].insert(2, 'San Diego') print(cities)

It’s asking me “Did you use the correct index for both sublist and element?” and it won’t let me move on. I’m not sure where I went wrong because it prints out the correct answer.

You can do the same without remove and insert, using only the indices to access or change the string in the nested lists.

cities[1][2] = 'San Diego'