List of Challenge Projects

Hello community!

Update: 03/21/21

Two new challenges projects have been added to the list below; one for React (Appointment Planner) and one for Redux (Flashcards).

Update: 03/05/21

You can now access all the challenge projects from our new projects page, which you can also find in the ‘resources’ section of the top nav bar. This page will continue to get updates in 2021.

Update: 10/20/20

We have now incorporated the majority of challenge projects listed below within our new career paths and other paths, with the exception of the C++ challenge projects which are now in that course syllabus. The remaining challenge projects will be added to syllabi in Q4 2020 alongside other upgrades, in part so that your completion % doesn’t change on you too often. :slight_smile:

In this post you’ll find a list of our challenge projects. We’re overhauling some elements of our UI, including embedding challenge projects within syllabi.

But until we ship those changes, we wanted to make sure you still had access to these items, so there’s a list below. Happy coding!

List of Challenge Projects


Sounds great! Thanks!


I have just finished my first challenge project on Python - “Games of Chance”
Where should i upload and get feedback on my project.
Also I would like to get inputs from fellow community members.


Thankyou soo much for Creating and always doing soo much for us Codecademy


thanks a lot but i would really enjoy a project that uses swift. thanks


You can probably adapt some of these to swift. (just a thought!)

Most of these projects didn’t have to do with things I needed so I did my own to get by.
It would be great if they had swift ones though…

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Alrighty then, once I become more acquainted with the language I will try to do them my own way using Swift. Thanks. I’m pretty new to this stuff.


Hello people! I just completed my first challenge project - World population in SQL.

Is it really that useful to share these projects on my resume to get a job?? Please answer.

Also I am having trouble understanding how to share this project. Please help me, I am new to this.

You could upload your queries in one file and your presentation powerpoint in another on your Github account.

That said, you’ll probably need a more involved project for jobs. But there’s nothing stopping you from elaborating on the core of this one and making it more impressive.

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Hello @board1146918722!

You can also share your project on the Codecademy Forums: