List index out of range error

there are 3 arguments l have given and it is saying index is out of range, please help


when you execute the python script in VScode terminal, I don’t see you provide any arguments to the python script?

listing some files in an external command prompt does not count

I have provided file names on the command prompt which the program is supposed to read from


Oh you mean l have not provided the name of the py file… as the first argument

I see no arguments when you execute the python script:


where are these arguments you talk about? You need to provide this arguments when you execute the script/program: arg1 arg2 arg3

or did you expect the python program was just aware of random things typed into a separately running CMD prompt/process?

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Yes l thought that initially

So the command prompt gives me a result but the program still shows the error


the command prompt is over the VScode terminal, so still can’t see what arguments you provide when running the python script through VScode terminal

you don’t really need both? They do the same thing, only one is integrated in your text-editor.

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oh ok if l don’t need both the command prompt is giving the result