List Function: "Console.log not a function"


From "6. List 'em all" on the contact list project for java

This is my code for the list function:

var list = function (object) {
  for (var key in object) {
    console.log = (key);

list (friends);

However, searching through these forums I've seen almost exclusively:


I've tried both ways. With the " = ", I get "Looks like your function isn't printing right" with no output. With "console.log(key)", I get "Did you create a function called list?", and the output is an error message that reads:

TypeError: console.log is not a function. (In 'console.log(prop)', 'console.log' is "steve")

I've tried copy and pasting multiple solutions from the forums, as well as the final code from the full program itself shown on lesson 1; but I still can't get past this step. What do I do?

It's probably going to be something stupidly obvious, like I missed a semicolon.


console.log = (key); // WRONG syntax
console.log(key); // correct syntax

I've tried your function and it's works fine. So, try to clear cache or another browser but please use correct syntax for console.log() method.


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