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Hi I don't quite understand what's going on in this code:
var friends = new Object ();

friends.bill = new Object();
friends.bill.firstName = 'Bill';
friends.bill.lastName = 'Gates';
friends.bill.number = '555-555-5555';
friends.bill.address = ['1835 72rd AVE NE', 'MEDINA', 'WASHINGTON', '10225'];

friends.steve = new Object();
friends.steve.firstName = 'Steve';
friends.steve.lastName = 'Jobs';
friends.steve.number = '666-666-6666';
friends.steve.address = ['2101 Waverly Place', 'Palo Alto', 'CA', '94301'];

function list(obj){
for(var prop in obj){

I don't quite understand HOW the function list prints out the things it does.


prop gets assigned each property in your friends object.

you can read more about for in here

simply supply friends object as argument when calling the list function


Ok. But how does it know?
How does it know that obj in this case refers to my object?
I could change obj to poop and it still comes out with the same.


it doesn't, yet. You need to call the function and supply an argument:

function list(obj){
for(var prop in obj){

Now the parameter (obj) knows what to deal with, until that time obj is basically just a placeholder.

i wouldn't use the same name for the function parameter and loop iterator, you might get away with it, but its risky


Am I understanding this right?

function list(obj){ //here we create a function to call with a changeable parameter---list(friends);
for(var prop in obj){ //we create a variable that cycles through the changeable parameter that is being input during the call
conlsole.log(prop) //when calling, print out the variable called prop
list(friends);//prints out the names


yes, you are understanding it right :slight_smile:

you could even supply bill or steve as argument:

function list(obj){
for(var prop in obj){

not the point of the exercise, but still possible. it will give you all properties of whatever object you supply as argument


you mean


Yea, you are right. Well, it does prove (even though i made a mistake) that you understand it well, given you corrected me :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help


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