List em all


I keep getting an error "Did you create a function called list?" To my Newb eyes, I see a function. I'm just lost here.

var friends = {
bill: {
firstName: "Bill",
lastName: "Gates",
number: "707-555-8565",
address: ['One Marcus Way', 'Johnsonville', 'CA', '58648']

steve: {
firstName: "Steve",
lastName: "Jobs",
number: "856-485-1468",
address: ['Two Jones Street', 'New York', 'NY', '58597']

var list = function (friends){

for(var firstname in object){


In the function list, you are suppose to intake input, not friends. Like so:

var list = function(input){

And you're also suppose to be looking through friends in your for statement, not object. Like this:

for(var firstName in friends){