List and functions

This is more about the Advanced Python Code Challenges, I was wondering if we have to do the tasks that they have and if so here is my main and/or real question.

the first tasks we have to write a function with a single parameter then make then function take in that single parameter as the start of a list that must end at 100.

I am not a moderator or anything, I am also doing the Python path. It is to my belief a nice way to review what I have learned in the previous chapter. These exercises are there to give you a real idea as though if you have fully grasped the subject or not. If you are struggling with the tasks, it might mean that you may have skipped some bits of the lessons and may want to revisit them.

Hello, @npc_num4644821161, and welcome to the forums.

Your question seems unclear to me. Could you elaborate, and/or post your code that you are having trouble with. If you are unsure how to start the task, try investigating the range() function.