Links issue


Now i have another issue, the error said that I didnt put the color, but I did. I will look back into lessons until someone replies. (CSS)

*{ a:link; text-decoration:none; color:#008B45; }
*{ a:hover; color:#00FF00; }
*{ a:visited; color:#EE9A00; }

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Cannot submit, did what error told me ( Links )

*   :arrow_left: this is the universal selector

to set attributes to a hover, link, visited you do it like this example:

a:link {
color: #0E76BD;
text-decoration: none;


But doesn't the universal selector make it where all a tags have those attributes? And, i think the lesson said 3 individuals, but the attributes need to be in the same area.


yes universal selector will select all.

But here with a:link ect will automatically select all as an id or class is not specified


Ok, so all i need to do is remove the universal tags. Thank you!


And rework the structure, i just figured it out.