Links and text decoration

p {/Add your CSS below!/
color:#cc0000; text-decoration:none;
I am not sure how to do this project. Thank you!

It’s best if you link the exercise or write a brief summary of what you need help on. Love to help but don’t know what exactly to help you on.

These are my questions. I do not know how to" In the stylesheet.css tab, give your a selector a color of #cc0000 and a text-decoration of none"? thank you

So your “a” selector is going to be the ‘a’ tag in your HTML file. Which is what you used to link google. What the exercise is asking you is to make that link red in your CSS file which should look something like this: a { color: #cc0000 ; text-decoration: none; } so instead of the p in your CSS file it should be a.

I worked. Thank you very much.

Of course! Happy to help!

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