Links and text decoration(where am I going wrong?)


Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your a's text-decoration to none?

a {
    color : #cc0000;
    text-decoration : none;


@sambitious try replacing color and text-decoration, because otherwise your code is identical to mine...

Barry Allen


Hey, I didn't quite get you... umm.. replace it with what? :sweat:

Thanks in advance,


can we see your full html and css code?


I meant put text-decoration on the first line and color on the second.

Barry Allen



<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<p>The below link goes to Google!</p>
		<a href="">Google</a>


a {
    color : #cc0000;
    text-decoration : none;

The below link goes to Google!



your code is fine, you seems to have hit a glitch. Try a different browser


Okay, thanks a lot. Will do.


Hey there. I tried it in a different browser... I am still getting the same result :confused:


did you post your full css code? I have much more css code in the lesson


The SCT checker is being picky

instead of of:

try without space:

text-decoration: none;

*no space between text-decoration and :


Hey! Tried that as well. Still the same :confused:


Try exchanging the two properties. Try putting text-decoration first and color second. That's how it worked for me...





From the screenshot I still see the space ..

See I tested both

First screenshot I have a space like this:

text-decoration : none;

second screenshot no space:

text-decoration: none;


That screenshot was before you told me to remove the space. I'll try again.


Oh ... ■■■■... it worked some how!!!! Wow! Thanks!!!!!! :smiley: