Linking CSS to HTML via Google Drive


Hi all,

I've been trying to link my css file to my html file on a chromebook so that it will display with proper styling in the web window. I've searched how to link the CSS file to HTML on google and I'm pretty sure I've done it correctly.

to link the css i use; after the href.

But its not working. Help please


you need the actually location google is storing the css file. the shareable link won't do the trick, i am not sure this is possible in a google drive.

given not everyone should be able to access the file, i recommend using a different service.


according to the instructions in that link it is possible, like, there is an option to change the access settings of the file so that it is view-able by everyone. So I did that but still does not work. But maybe Google has changed something about Google Drive which means that the file is not accessible?


is the this the directory the stylesheet is in: ?
then you can just do:

as clearly stated in the instructions, the url is of the folder, then you need to specify the filename after it


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