Linking css to html file


I have been coding for one week now and am fascinated but not connecting all of the dots yet. I am trying to add a .css style and connect it to my .html. file. When I add my css code directly into the .html file it changes the design of my webpage. Incredible! But when I create another file and save it as style.css, for example, it does not link correctly with the html code?

Am I missing something here?

How do I save a .css file so that it can be linked to a .html file. I am using edit pad lite 7 if that will help some this problem. Thanks for any and all help.

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="Style.css"/>


This part is fine for nearly every css link.

This bit need to be specific to the file location. You may need to add the pathway (the folder where Style.css is found). You also need to make sure that

Is exactly what the file is called.


Make sure the S in "Style" is the same as the name in the folder you saved it in. Its case sensitive so be sure its exactly the same.


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