Linking css files to html


Well, as of now, what I am working on is a test site, to test what I've learned so far. I have an over creative mindset (which honestly isn't a problem). A lot of what I'm trying to work on now is laying framework, and understanding the practical application. I've used other sites for support on things, and I'm just learning on the fly as to what I can and can't do. The online courses are great, and they've helped, but I'm the "got to do it to learn it" kinda guy.


I think i own you a apologize, i was angry at myself, because of something that wasn't working. I am sorry, some of that frustration leaked through in my earlier answer. I am sorry

Is there anything you need help with at this moment? Please post full code if you do need help


As of now, it's working good. A lot of my debate is to either fix it left, or stretch it across the top of the page. Really, it's aesthetics right now tying me up. The way I made the background image, I may try to put the texts to where it doesn't go over the actual image, but in the white space around it (which I understand to be margin size. I'm gonna keep experimenting, and if I do, you'll be the first person I hunt down.


Can i see your full code? See if there a few suggestion i can make/things i can teach you which will help you with this?


I haven't generated the code, but it would probabl be something on the line of:

p {
margin-left: 200px;
position: fixed;
background-color: transparent;

And I'd just adjust where needed to get the desired effect. I may make a box around it, just to draw your attention to it.


Why is everything fixed in your case? Did i ever link to this post, which does a okay job of explaining position


Watch it..  


I know, i put the symbols there. So it can mean anything (depending on what someone makes of it)


I know, but it's still implying that you're swearing. Just don't do it! :wink:


okay, new stupid question about this. If I want to justify something to the right, in a box that is x by x. Is that possible? What command would I do.


Is that possible?
If you mean aligning something to the right, try

float: right;

in CSS.


Yes, you can. But without the code, it is hard to tell which effect float will have on the other elements on the page, but if float works like @jibblyj suggested, you can use float


Are you suggesting I made a good suggestion?


Yes, float is most likely the best solution. Lol, i never got this error message before:
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so, if I do a float, is that position static, absolute, relative or fixed? I'm also trying to confine it to a certain area and part


There are some pretty funny built-in in messages in this forum app. :smile:


that would be static or relative, float doesn't work on absolute and fixed elements.

@albionsrefuge, what other error messages are there? i had another one where i get notified i should give the other person enough time to respond (i made 3 quick reply's)


okay, now I know I'm doing somethig wrong. I put the float: right; command. Along with a static position. The text is just sitting at the top of the page, trying to hide behind the nav bar. Here's the entire


p {
color: black;
background-color: transparent;
position: static;
padding: 0px;
float: right;


The desired effect is to place it to the right, and also shrink the size of it, to fit it in an area in a white space on my background image.


I can't think of a particular one at the moment but I remember being surprised by some.


So, anyone know how I can fix it?