Linking codecademy projects to linkedin

Helllo Coders I want to ask if is it possible to link the projects I have completed here at codecademy to my social media accounts like linkedin?

Define projects? The freeform projects which are part of the pro subscription?

I would publish the projects you build, and then link those on your linkedin account.

the ones in the beginning of web development, html/css and JavaScript?

of the free tier? Please share the url of such a project so i can have a look

There are two Javascript courses, there is make a website course, there is a html course, a css course, then that is only of the free tier. and there are 3 tiers. So its impossible for me to know what you refer to at the moment

I hope I copied the correct link

Not really, that is just the home page.

Which tier are you doing? Free? Pro ($20/month)? Pro intensive ($200)?

I am doing Free , so is possible to link it?

which course are you taking, this one:

make a website?

You can also describe it to me, if you think that is easier. Anyway, there is this guide:

Beginner guide to hosting your site with GitHub Pages

which might be a good start to hosting your website, then you can link that on your linkedin profile

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I am taking “make a website” and “learn HTML”

Then i do indeed recommend to host what you have coded so far, github pages is a good start, i linked to a topic which explains this in my previous reply

actually, i do mind. There is a privacy boundary, i would like to keep my phone number private, that is only for friends and people i have actually met. And i would recommend you not to post your phone number on a public forum.

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thanks for your advise I will delete the post

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