Linking at will

So as usually i get stuck from the simplest things in the world. I amaze myself.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Animals Around the World</title>
  <h1>The Brown Bear</h1>
  <p>The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is native to parts of northern Eurasia and North America. Its conservation status is currently "Least Concern." There are many subspecies within the brown bear species, including the Atlas bear and the Himalayan brown bear.</p>
  <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="A brown bear"/></a>
  <p>The following are subspecies of bears:</p>
    <li>Nelsoni (extinct)</li>
  <p>The following countries have the largest populations of brown bears:</p>
    <li>United States</li>

NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING WRONG: The excercis is in HTML and CSS 1


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Please provide a link to the exercise you are on :slight_smile:

Do you think it might be something with the link or something like that?

One lesson ahed of me can you help?

What’s the error message that you’re getting?

I am getting this message:

Did you wrap the image element with an anchor tag?



You probably didn’t wrap your image in an anchor tag then :wink:

Please create your own topic if you would like help on this exercise, thanks.

The related question is on lesson 10/15 of Learn HTML&CSS, Part I.

The Instruction is:

In index.html, transform the image on your page into a link by wrapping the image element with an anchor element. Set the target attribute so that the link opens in a new window.
Use the same URL as before:

Following is the hyper link I entered using the image kink provided:

The image of a brown bear

As the previous email, the error message I received was:

Did you wrap the image element with an anchor tag?

Please let me know if I missed anything. Thanks,


Hmmm…I checked servereal times but could not find a missing anchor wrap;

the code is

The image of a brown bear

Please kindly assist. Thanks.

Yes people, it was the anchor tag thing :D. Sorry but I am very very new to these kind of stuff so it might take me time to adjust and be more clear :smiley:

Actually u r not doing anything wrong…it’s just the course wants you to create a new link on the basis of the picture instead of replacing the "learn more " link and that’s why…