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With discipline and hard work, you can learn programming regardless of whether you are a dropout or a graduate. Don’t tear yourself down by thinking you are not smart. It takes time to learn new things. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone learns at his/her own pace.

Concatenation is an unusual word and is not used in our everyday conversations, so it is okay to not know the meaning of the word. I didn’t know it when I first encountered it. When you see an unfamiliar term, do a web search. If you google the word, you can see its definition and hear its pronunciation ( In programming it means

In the statement mentioned by you, we are concatenating three strings together.

  • ‘string1’
  • ’ ’
  • ‘string2’

In javascript, strings are anything that are enclosed in single quotes e.g. ‘This is a string’ or in double quotes e.g. “This is a string”. So, ’ ’ qualifies as being a string even though the string only comprises of a blank space character. By concatenating the three strings together, we can create a new string 'string1 string2' which results by combining the three strings together.


Thank you for the reply. I have so much to look up and learn, i don’t even remember what I was reading about. I wish i didn’t have to learn this because it is going to take years at this rate. CSS and HTML are fun but Java is really frustrating.