how to display the result in the right column?for example i click menu or music, i want to display it on right column


the easiest solution is to make different pages, and then simple use anchor element:

<a href="music.html">Music</a>

then make a music.html file in the same directory as MARK.html

simply copy everything from MARK.html into music.html, and add the content of the right column


How can i displayed it in right column of my webpage?

i just covered the simplest idea:

this idea reloads the whole page, the only difference being what is in the right column.

now you can do more complicated things (with JS or even Ajax), do you know javascript?


How can i display the content in the right column if i click home,music,
jobs or menu

do you understand anything i said so far?

If the only thing your are capable of saying is how can i display data in right column, i am not the person to assist you

You should create a new html file (for example music.html), display the content in the right column and then link to this page use anchor element (<a></a>)