Link Vs. Onebox?


I really don't understand the difference between box and link so could you explain?
Also could you explain share!

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Yeah I know it ain't much haha I can't imagine how many stetim uses in a day xD and I would like but I ran out of likes...again... so I respond to show I read it xD. @systemace03874 a share is when you share a post/topic/reply for example below this reply will be a share button with a link like icon next to it. If you click on it you can "share" this topic on social media or you can continue a discussion from another topic on a fresh topic


And what about link vs onebox?


Ok so as far as I can tell the difference between a link and a one box is that a onebox appears bigger, gives sortof a snapshot of what the discussion/lesson is about and has a picture for example:

Also, it what a link turns into if you just copy and paste it into a discussion post

A link is when you actually link it in the link button For example here! you can also rename links like I did to the side


a link looks like this:
a onebox looks like this:




Yep thats a link. A onebox would appear in a bigger box hence the name one"box"


so many solutions...


There's one box. Also, everything is in that one box. Everything you need, for example;