<link> vs <a> element

Is it possible to use the <a> element instead of the <link> when you want to link a CSS file to the HTML file ? Or we exclusively use the link element for this purpose.

the < link> element should only be used in the head section. Also can only link documents. As < a > anchor tag can contain much more information and is used in the < body> section.

only <link> is used to link a CSS file for styling, I think.

In short, <link> refers to a file that is used for something (stylesheet, icons), while <a> (anchor) refers to a separate page or place in a page that is not necessarily used for something, but is rather just related to it.

<link> for stylesheets,
<a> for associated pages

Thank you @jibs @janbazant1107978602 @emilyecharri your responses are all helpful.