Link making


I have a problem. When I click the link it doesn't automatically open up a tab to where the link should go. I understand you can right click: and then go to "open a new tab". However, I don't want to do that. People who come to my website shouldn't have to do that and won't know intuitively to do that. Any help, please?


I suppose you are talking about Codecademy's output frame, isn't it?

That frame does not support clicking on links to open them inside of that frame. I put emphasis on "that frame" so that you understand that this problem exists with that frame only. If you would save your html code as a .html file on your PC and then right click on its icon and select "open with -> your browser" (assuming you use windows), then the links would work as expected.

So now there's no cause for you to worry :slight_smile:


If you are using Bootstrap, add this link in the head, in between the link to Bootstrap and the link to Javascript - ""