Link jQuery to DreamWeaver CC


There is no way i can find a way to link jQuery on dreamweaver is there anyone who can help me


google host jquery? You can always use this. (google hosted libraries)

you can also download jquery from jquery website, and add a script tag and link it to the downloaded jquery file


Thanks Stetim94 for losing your time to help me.

I've download jQuery file and I've put on script.
and I can write jQuery codes on (body) there are working, but still can't write codes on separated "code page" just like it can be with css.

Tell me where I'm wrong

Ignore spaces on codes I've made otherwise code wouldn't show on comment.

This one with jQuery downloaded file.
< script src="../JS/jquery-3.2.1 working.js" type="text / javascript">< / script >

This one to create separated code page.
< script src="script.js" type=" text/ javascript" >< /script >

Than I go to script.js page and I write an code for text exactly like i do on (body) (which works only on (body) ).

$( document ).ready( function( ){
$('#button' ).fadeOut( );

Hope I was clear on my Question cause I'm not English speaker.


what if you do:

$( document ).ready( function( ){
     $('#button' ).fadeOut( );

inside your html file? Then it does work? Then something is wrong with:

< script src="script.js" type=" text/ javascript" >< /script >

what you did here, suggest js and html file are in the same directory, are they? This kind of issues are super difficult to troubleshoot on a forum


Thanks for your reply stetim94

As I sad I'm not fluent English speaker so maybe I wasn't clear.

All what I wanna know is how can be written jQuery codes
on jQuery file separated from htlm file.( on Dreamweaver )

Anyway Thanks for your time.


separate file, absolutely. Jquery code can be long, so you don't want that in same file


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