Link Html File to CSS on OS X

I have been having trouble linking my HTML file to my CSS file. I have used text edit and both files are on my desktop. If it helps, my CSS file is named style and is in the same folder as my HTML file. I probably have just made a rookie mistake but the help is much appreciated! (note: when ever I open my CSS file in safari, it displays the code in text form, not the result. This may show that the file formatted incorrectly)

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=“style.css">

yes, here:


one of the quotation marks (") you use isn’t actually a quotation mark


Thank you so much! I think the apple default quotation mark might be messed up because it is angled. I copy and pasted your quotation mark in and it works now.

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yes, i think they are called smart quotes, you could consider disabling them:

good to hear its fixed :slight_smile: