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I cannot finish this exercise.

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It tells me to wrap the “img” tag in “a” tag, so that when I click on an image, it should take me to another
website. That’s what I did. I have checked for any misspelled urls, but it seems that it’s not problem in that. I have closed all tags and checked that I have put every tag the exercise wants me to write. The error says: “Oops, try again. Make sure you wrap each tag in tags!”. What’s the problem in my code?

``` My Photo Page
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Just a radnom table

Remove all ‘td’ tags, it’s enough to wrap images with ‘a’ tags.

to wrap each <img> tag in <a></a> tags your code should look like
<a href="url"><img src="url"/></a>
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It’s working, thank you!

@elv1nas, i disagree with your answer. The table is part of the lesson, the <a></a> tags should have been inside the table cells:

  <a href="url"><img src="url"></a>

you shouldn’t remove the td tags, just a bit of change to the nesting

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