Link CSS to GitHub and publish pages

I am currently trying to code a site using HTML and CSS. I am using Visual Studio Code. I added a new repository on GitHub, everything seems to work. When I see the code on my computer directly (VS Code) it works well. But when I try to publish the code on GitHub, two things happen: the CSS doesn’t have any effect, and the links in the nav bar don’t work either. I think it might be the way a linked them. However, when I try to use relative paths, it doesn’t work on GitHub and my computer. This is how it did it. <link rel="stylesheet" href="C:\Users\ACER\Documents\Projects-Coding\Naruto-Experience\ressources\css\index.css>

Here is my code:

Screen of how it is using GitHub. Screen of how it should look like.


Hi, I just saw your github page and it all seems to work fine. It can take a little longer to fully deploy sometimes. But try to check your link again it is working perfectly.

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Hi, yes it just took a really long time (multiple hours) to fully deploy it, and I had to change all my absolute paths. But thanks for checking it. Have a nice day.

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No worries, you too ! Happy coding !

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