Link coding



can anyone help me to code a do follow link when the site automatically makes it no follow


good possibility we can help you.

But you will need to include some code to show us what is currently happening, and tell us what you wished happened instead


hi im currently using this as my code:

Trump in the White House

and when it is posted it turns into:

Trump in the White House


im currently using: (without the spaces)

Trump in the White House


if you want to post code, use markup:

secondly, without href attribute your anchor element (<a></a>) won't do anything


im currently using

(<)a href= "">Trump in the White House

(without the brackets, i cant show you the code without them)


here is my code im using

///Trump in the White House///


here is is without

<a href=
"">Trump in the White House


your are programming, you need to use:, you need the http://, then it still doesn't work because codecademy uses an iframe, it will work outside codecademy. To verify it works inside codecademy, right click your link and select: open in new tab


ok thank you i will try this now