Link at Will exercise

I’m having difficulties with this exercise. I’ve reviewed the notes going into the exercise and have tried to complete the exercise with the form from the examples with no luck.

Am I supposed to update line 9 or line 23??? I’ve tried both and keep getting the following message:
“Did you wrap the image element with an anchor tag?”

<a href="" target="_blank">Learn More</a>
  <p>The following are subspecies of bears:</p>
    <li>Nelsoni (extinct)</li>
  <p>The following countries have the largest populations of brown bears:</p>
    <li>United States</li>
  <img src="" alt="A brown bear"/>

That’s ok I got it. It is line 23 to be changed and it’s adding the “href” info prior to the “img” info. Just wasn’t clear (to me anyways).

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