Lingua-Franca task 14/26

Hi! I am trying to search/grep for empty files on MacOS, zsh:


For those for cannot see the image, its a screenshot with the following text:

Task 14, Some of the files in our project which end with the suffix, .txt , have no content in them. List the files, across all the continent directories, that end with .txt that have no content and save the listing in a file, empty_files.txt , in the todo/ directory.


When a file has no content, there should be a word count of 0! You can use a combination of the wc and grep commands via a pipe | and redirect the final output with the > symbol. Make use of the wildcard * to select all the .txt files from all the directories.

So far I have experimented with several commands and I’m trying to start by breaking down this prompt. Right now I am entering:

$ grep -Rl " "  ./*/*

# resulting in:


I don’t think I understand the task correctly.
Can anyone help me break this task down a little more or help me out with a hint?

There’s quite a few different ways to achieve something like this. What the hint seems to be driving towards is making use of the wc command:

When a file has no content, there should be a word count of 0!

It’s up to you but based on those instructions you might want to try and get a useful output with wc that you could then pass on to another command.

An alternative route might be to have a close look at the files you’ve gathered with grep, what’s significant about the content of those files? Perhaps you could work with that or something similar?