Lingua Franca step 18

Hello! I am currently trying to complete step 18 of Lingua Franca project. I am using Terminal on a mac. When I go into: nano ~/.bash_profile it allows me to enter. However when I try: echo “Hello” and try to save it tells me [ Error writing /Users/Addie/.bash_profile: Permission denied ]
Does anyone know how to obtain permission? I have researched a few things and nothing has worked so far. Thank you!

Since that should be adding it to your home directory you should have permissions to write there. If that file already exists then it’s possible the permissions for the file are the problem.

I think the quickest route if you’re not comfortable with the terminal would be to right click the file and select info or get info and make sure your user has permission to write to this file (it’s near the bottom of the info).

I’d also suggest spending a little time looking into file permissions (it’s worth the time investment), link below for some details or have a web search-

As an additional note if your mac is on OSX Catalina that .bashrc won’t necessarily be sourced in your Terminal since the default shell is now zsh.

Thank you so much! I was able to get it to work but will definitely look into file permissions.

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