Lingua Franca - step 1

Hi there!

I’ve faced the same problem as it was discussed in this topic: No such file or directory
But the solution doesn’t work for me, git bash keeps me telling that there is no such file

Could anyone guess what is the problem?..

What’s the actual path for the file viewer window you have open in the background? I’d hazard a guess that it’s not /c/Users/79885/lingua-franca-project
Try using ls to show the current contents of your working directory to see if any directories with that name actually exist. Chances are it has been saved in the Downloads directory or similar.

The easiest thing to do might be to drag and drop the folder from your file explorer window to the gitbash window which should then provide you with the full filepath.

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Thank you a lot for the hint!

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I have the similar problem here. It seems like there is “no such file or directory” although when I use ls I can see the file.

I am stuck at the first step.

That file you can see terminates in .zip which suggests it is a compressed file (not a directory at all). You’d want to unzip, decompress and unpack, the contents of that file in order to make use of them.

Off-hand I can’t remember if git-bash has the unzip command. If it does that would work or you can use your file explorer and right click which should give you the option to unzip the file.


Thank you tgrtim! I have followed your instruction, and I am able to finish the first step! You are really helpful!

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Hello Codecademy,
I have the same issue.
I have unzipped and tried both name “lingua-franca” & “lingua-franca-project”.
Any clues?

It depends on where that directory actually is (its filepath). If it’s not saved directly in your ~ home folder then you cannot access it directly with cd (maybe it’s in Downloads or something similar?).

The easiest option is probably to drag and drop the directory into the terminal window which should auto-fill the path for you :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes, it is in the download folder.
If that is the case, how to cd? if not using drag (I will try this option, too.)

Ok, guys. I figure it out.
$ cd ~/Downloads/lingua-france-project/lingua-franca

Thank you!

thank you!! how the ■■■■ did i forget the unzip command lol