Lingua Franca - An Offline Project

Hey community!
I’m working on the Offline project mentioned above. Link to the project here:

I’m on task #16 and I’m inputting the command:
[email protected] lingua-franca % sed -i ‘s/Lingua-Franca/Lingua Franca/g’ /.txt
And got the following response:
sed: 1: “africa/afrihili.txt”: command a expects \ followed by text
I’m assuming I did something wrong in previous tasks but I’m not sure what as I’ve followed along with the video and the solution HTML filed included for the project. I’m also not sure how to interpret the error and hoping someone can help me understand what I need to fix!

I saw some other threads on this and tried the solution mentioned here

I tried using sed -i’Lingua-Franca’ -e ‘s/Lingua-Franca/Lingua Franca/g’ /.txt
and now I see the attached. Not sure how to get out of this “quote”

solution is:
sed -i ‘.bak’ ‘s/Lingua-Franca/Lingua Franca/g’ /.txt