Line breaks in a P

Hopefully you can see my screenshot. I can’t get past slide no. 10, Line Breaks. It’s incorrectly telling me that I didn’t add two live breaks after Least concern, as the lesson instructed me to do so. If you take note of the right panel, you’ll see that in actuality, I did add 2 line breaks. Now I’m stuck, & I can’t continue on with my lesson.

The lesson wants you to add both the line breaks straight after the </strong> tag, both together.

So it would be </strong> <br><br>

Ok it worked. However, is there ever an instance where 2 line breaks, one after another, as in this exercise, really necessary? Seems redundant.

Actually I take my question back. I can see how 2 line breaks, one after another, can be practical. Thanks for your help.


In practice, line breaks are usually favored less than a new paragraph, which creates the desired gap in the rendering.

<p>Lorem ipsum ... <br><br> ... ipsum lorem</p>

<p>Lorem ipsum ... </p>
<p>... ispsum lorem</p>