Lifecycle methods project not displaying anything on step 2

i dont know if i am making some mistake or this is the way its supposed to be but the moment i make constructor method, i dont get any output in the browser screen.

edit: i am on step 5 and i am pretty sure that i should have some kind of output in the browser. i am getting neither an error nor any output.

2nd edit: i understand the mistake i am using states that are not set.

3rd edit: i am through the all steps of the project but i still dont see anything in the browser window. i know some of the reasons, like accessing values from this.state which are not even there in the steps. but i think these values are supposed to come from other components so they need to be either setted there or use this.props(that would also be applicable only in the component call from profile) instead of this.state. i dont know, i think i am through now. i would love to hear some solutions and know the problem if anybody has any suggestions.