Life, the Universe, and Everything

Good idea???:neutral_face:

You responded to my CSS suggestion on the hidden courses topic.

Ahh yes well this is quite a conversation

Perhaps I should make a game playable on here that makes heavy use of emojis. for example:

You are at a :door: which is :lock:ed and there is no :key: on this side. You have a :gear:, a :dagger:, and a :guitar:. What do you do?

I cut the gear in half and 2 half make a whole and i put the hole in the wall and I climb out of it.


My solution:

Pick the :lock: on the :door: with parts of the :guitar: that were removed with the :dagger:. The :gear: was too hard for the :dagger: to cut.

Nice idea for the solution, though. Very punny.

Ok… :laughing:

Should I make it?