Life, the Universe, and Everything

For those conversations which don’t fit elsewhere.

If I was a conversation, this is where I would be

Noice vun. In any case, I’m helping recruit the hidden courses compilers.

Well that’s me I guess…

Codecademy hidden courses is where.

Yah I made that post

Look at all the other compilers on it.

Yep there are lots. You should try messaging some of them

Did that. Also…

i :=1:
i := i + 1;
i < 1;


For the win!!!

Errr… :expressionless:

That’s the programming language in post 9


Yes I know… :expressionless:

I wonder what it does

It gives me money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Did you attempt it?


noon I’m too busy playing overwatch

How do I do it, then?

Idk i don’t do CSS :frowning:

Good idea.