Life Expectancy x GDP Portfolio Project


I just completed the Life Expectancy - GDP Portfolio project!

I spent a few hours on it and I had so much fun getting to know the data more and more with different stats and visualization tools. I learned a lot through the process too. I found the project overall to be mildly difficult - nothing I couldn’t handle but enough of a challenge to really make me think.

I would love anyone to take a look and give me a review of my code. Is there anything I did that could’ve been done better or easier? Do I have any typos? Any observations that I missed or maybe didn’t explain too clearly?

Here’s it is:
Portfolio Project

PS. Can someone explain to me how a README works in GitHub? What do I write there? Is there a special one I need to make for each project? I’m a beginner so I’d love some help.

Thanks friends!

A readme file is a file that can be edited and can be used to describe other files in the repository. You can write an intro there for your project–cite where the data came from and link it there as well. (Always important to cite your sources).


Some thoughts:

  • I think your project is really descriptive and well laid out. It’s very conversational as you move through the data set; as if you’re talking to the reader directly about the project.

  • Seems like you’re competent in how to use Pandas and Matplotlib libraries.

  • I liked the subplots where you broke out the countries separately for comparison sake rather than just looking at all on one graph.

  • In your conclusion, this part, ‘There seems to be overall positive trends in GDP over the years, with an event happening around 2009 (recession?) that caused dips in all 6 countries’ GDPs. ’ is due to the global financial crisis in 2007-2008. Originating w/predatory lending that targeted low income home buyers in the US. Congress had to bail out the banks. It was pretty horrendous. It had ripple effects…

Good work. Keep at it & happy coding.

Thank you so much, you rock!