Life expectancy portfolo project

Hi there!
The project itself was not very difficult.
The hardest part for me was to create a good story out of my findings and organize everything in proper order.
It took me about one week to complete the project.

link to the Jupiter notebook code:
Semargl-S/life-expectancy-and-GDP: Portfolio project for data visualisation course (

Will be grateful for comments and reviews.

We hope you enjoyed this project!

Wow I liked a lot how you played with the seaborn library and the colors and graphics, congrats for the extra research also, found super cool the detail with the hypothesis analysis.

Thanks for your response.
I used sns.pairplot() - the function that was not mentioned in the course lesson but was shown on seaborns site. I found it useful for fust and complex analysis of data frame and used it in my research.

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