Life Expectancy and GDP- would really appreciate feedback

Hi all! If you have time if you could please give me some feedback, that would be great!

Congrats on completing the project.

Some thoughts:

  • Add a readme file to the repo. I say this so people who aren’t familiar with the data will get a better idea of what’s going on. Just include a basic intro to the data and where the data set came from and what you hope to explore in the project. It’s always good habit to note where the data came from.

  • Move your goals up to the top of the notebook (before importing libraries) so it’s clear at the outset.

  • Make use of text boxes–perhaps add a few more comments, especially as you sift through the data and tell the story of it. Maybe add a comment after the vizzes.(?)

  • Add you conclusions at the end of the project. Did you find anything interesting (like any correlations)? Were there any surprises in the data? Etc.

Good work!

Thank you so much- I really appreciate it, and made some changes based on your suggestions!

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