Life Expectancy and GDP Study


this is my version of the Life Expectancy and GDP Project in the Data Science Path.

Feedbacks are welcomed!


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Hello rafabris-

Thank you for your feedback on my version of the Life Expectancy vs GDP project. I believe we were viewing the problem similarly and drew similar conclusions, but I think that your analysis went further and is more complete than mine. For example, we both noted that there was a strong correlation between GDP and Life Expectancy but you also calculated the Pearson correlation to demonstrate the relationship. It was also a good idea that you plotted the GDP axis on a log scale so all countries could be compared at once. Finally, I liked that you identified areas to potentially study in the future, for example when you pondered why Zimbabwe had a sudden drop in life expectancy or why the plot of China’s Life vs. GDP flattened out in later years.

Best regards as well!

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Hi t.will.gillis,

thank you for your feedback!

I think our works are complimentary. I focused more on the correlation between the variables but you went deeper in the evolution of the variables with time. It’s funny that, in spite of slight different approaches, we arrived at similar conclusions using the same extra data from the UN.

Nice work!