Life Expectancy and GDP Project

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I found this project relatively easy. I didn’t feel as though I required others to complete this one, as the questions that I felt available from the dataset were relatively easy to answer.
A lot of time went into cleaning the graphs to ensure that the data is legible and that the way that I have presented it is logical, with later discussion to match.
This project took me about 3 or 4 hours total to answer the chosen questions on the data, and another 2 or so answers to neaten everything up to look presentable.

The github repo can be found at GitHub - Liam-Graneri/Life_Expectancy_and_GDP: # Codecademy Portfolio Project\n
If anybody has feedback for me, I’d be very glad to receive it. I’m really enjoying data analysis using Python, and would be happy to listen to any way that I may improve.

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