Life Expectancy and GDP Project - Feedback Appreciated!

Hey! Please see below links for my Life Expectancy and GDP Project. Any feedback would be appreciated!


Congrats on completing the project.

The link that you provided for the notebook asks people to open it in Colab. (not everyone has that on their Google Drive). So, it might be easier for people to view if you pushed the notebook to a GitHub repo and then just supply the GH link for people to follow. You can do that while in the Colab notebook under the File > Save a copy in GH.

Also, the way that it is now, one cannot see the output of the plots b/c the csv file is linked via your computer. If you have a GH repo already set up for the project, you can upload the csv file to the GH repo. Then import it into your notebook from there like so:

df = pd.read_csv("paste the csv address here.csv")

Now the file is in your notebook.
You can upload files to GH that are under 25MB.

  • Also, it’s a good idea to write a small blurb at the top of the notebook (or in a readme file), as to where the data came from and what you want to analyze. You could also make use of the text cells or comments so people can follow along with your thought processes as you investigate the data set.
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Thanks for the suggestions!

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