What should i do more or not?
Let me know your answers here!
The Project link :

Congrats on completing the project.

Some suggestions:

  • Add a brief intro at the top of the notebook (cite the data source, initial things you’re going to analyze, etc.) so people know what they’re going to be looking at.

  • It’s difficult to see the yellow lines on the Germany plots. Maybe pick a different background/facecolor or refrain from using yellow.

For color values, see here:

and the docs for colorblind palettes:

and, here: Specifying colors — Matplotlib 3.8.2 documentation

  • Maybe add a sentence before your plots so people get the general idea about what they’re looking at.

  • Add a section at the end with final observations and stuff like, did you answer your initial questions of the dataset, is there a correlation between GDP and Life Expectancy?