Level 9/9 HELP


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Tag must be paired, start tag match failed. This shows up twice but there is no help available! The directions don’t seem to give directions and examples.


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Did you read and understand the lesson text?

Let’s review the instructions.

  1. Add the required declaration on line 1 of index.html.
  2. Start an HTML document.
  3. Add a head to the web page.
  4. Add a title to the web page. The title can say anything you’d like.
  5. Add a body to the web page.
  6. In index.html, copy the following line of code and paste it inside of the body:

<h1>Hello World!</h1>

What happened to your web page? You’ll learn more details in the next unit.

Step 1 you have, the document type declaration.

Step 2 you have, the document root element.

Step 3 is almost correct, once you remove <dogs/> (not a valid tag, btw).

Step 4 is incorrect. The <title></title> element goes inside the <head></head>. Be sure to write some text inside the title, and remove <dogs>.

Step 5 is nearly correct. Remove <is this working?please work.>.

Step 6 is spelled out for us. Copy the example and paste it inside the <body></body> element.