Level 12

how do i print out the value of epicLevel?

even when I select, “get code”, it asks if i uncommented the last line.

heres my code:


	// Tove Lo is sexy

	boolean isComplete = true;
	int awesomeLevel = 121;
	int epicLevel = awesomeLevel * 2;		


Remove quotation marks from epicLevel

i’m having the same problem.

I’ve just reported this. You all should use the Report a Bug link in the exercise to do that too.

Could you give it another try now please?

thank you it has been fixed!

yep it’s fixed
public class Generalizations {
public static void main(String args) {

boolean isComplete = true;
int awesomeLevel= 121;
int epicLevel= awesomeLevel*2;




I’ve noticed in some of the Java exercises that do not ask you to include comments, but you do for yourself, the console says that their is an error in your code, because of them.

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I’m having the same issue. If you get help will you please post? Thanks

I thought it was fixed. PLEASE HELP us code gods!

I can see the errors in all of the screen shots. I think mine was correct but I still got the error message


Please remove quotation marks and run it.

Same freaking thing happening with me, thought it was fixed =/
^Doesn’t Work^
Report it maybe?
I Dun Know.

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Hi there,

For anyone having trouble with this exercise, please start your own thread.

  1. go here https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/learn-java/introduction-to-java
  • click the + New Topic button
  • fill in the template
  • someone will help