Let's talk about society, because... I'm surprised

This one’s for the believers:

I like relating coding to a lot of the things I encounter in real life, because it helps me learn and apply my knowledge and gain a more through understanding of certain concepts. So here’s one for those who like make-up. I was walking through the mall, sipping on a delicious blueberry Slurpee,(Yes, I’m always eating, and yes, I find it necessary to mention) when I went to Spehora to go buy my cousin a gift for her birthday. When I went there, I saw a lot of different technologies being used to help people buy what they needed. First, there were those machines that people used to find their exact skin tone colour and match. I thought that was really interesting, since it tied in with technology, but never did I think dermatology could be impacted by evolving tech. The history of tech is what redefines most of what we do, first used in the form of type writes, and other conventional tasks. So bringing technology to benefit women and their choice to wear makeup I thought was a really great idea, because we’ve always supported male domination, of sorts. So making women more aware of the products they use and overall health, I think is a great way we’ve stepped up to responding to a lack of women in STEM and more women empowerment as well. That’s just my take; Anyone else feel like they’re misjudged in anyway be it their race,decisions, or gender? You, my dear friend, are not alone. While we have made an effort to acknowledge these inequalities there’s not much we do about them. Coding should be where it starts.

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Health and beauty tech have been around since the advent of the 386 CPU. There was finally enough horsepower to do the computing necessary for color recognition, color temperature, shadows and gray scale, and so on. One such product we promoted in the mid 80s was the New Image Salon System.

We could sit you down in front of a camera, feed the image into the program and produce images of your face with any number of hair styles and colors. Once the customer was set on the one they liked, we printed the picture and they took it to their favorite stylist.


The nice thing about today’s technology is it is much cheaper owing to scale. Back then, the system I mentioned above would run about 25,000 USD. That included computer, monitors, camera, printer, software license and a five year subscription to monthly issued new style releases.


That’s really informative. I never thought such technologies would have existed or that they would play a part in health and wellness, because it’s a topic that’s more recently been up to date. Making it cheaper, I think, was progressive, as it would be easier to obtain and more people can be aware of the technology

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