Let's say I wanted to code a website

So I already know about HTML and CSS, I coded with them off CodeCademy, but let’s say I wanted to code a website - how should I start? Should I use a special notepad program? If so, which one? How do I publish my website to the internet? How would I create a link to another place in my webpage, like “/example/thingy” or something?

Thanks in advance!

This is a big jump from just taking the code from codecademy and running with it.

But for starters just google “notepad++” and you can start working from there. At the very least you can test out your site with that by making a “html” page and then just opening the saved file. Every time you edit the program make sure you open it through notepad++ otherwise it will just open your browser to your coded page.

This should get you started, otherwise google is your friend and has a lot of in depth answers for those questions.

Thank you!
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@frogman37 If you’re interested, I’ve got a guide on getting your site hosted with GitHub Pages over here: https://www.codehive.io/boards/gXgIWxQ
If you’ve got any questions, feel free to let me know - I’ll be happy to help you :slight_smile:

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I like TextWrangler. It’s a free download, and will color-code your work so it’s easier to read.

A link to another page on your site would just be href=“otherpage.html” because it will assume you’re linking to something in the same folder unless you tell it to go out to the internet with http://

However, if you haven’t run across that yet I would suggest a little more study and practice before buying hosting. Work locally on your computer first. View the source code on sites you like and see if you can follow what they did.

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Thank you for the answers and suggestions! (I’ll try to study more, maybe take a few looks at the w3c site or something, and look around here on CodeCademy, of course)

Used the heart button! Thanks for the link!

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w3c site’s better as a reference than a straight read. Your library might have some good books.