Lets make a codecademy dictionary


We should make a dictionary on codcademy so if you don't know a word you can search it up!



@jibblyj and @bibleman13 thx for the idea help btw


Why'd you put that?


ummm to raise attention?


really don't have a good response


Of the moderators? Why would you want them? :laughing: (to any mods who see this: I'm sorry, I love you :heart:)

What would a Codecademy dictionary include?


code and and forum word definitons?


Cool. How are you gonna make it? :wink:


example <p> = paragraph
</p> end paragraph


I could make a giant post! and everyone could help!


maybe sharing to all coders at trust level starting at learner or rising star could help


I think a post would be too big. Maybe a codebit/codepen would work better?


possibly but...
define codebit


Do you know what a codepen is?

A codebit is the version that codecademy has.


.... noo soo (all the more reason for a dictionary)


A codebit/pen is a webpage, but instead of having to link all of the parts (html,css,js) together, they're already linked, but you don't see the link tags etc.

Basically I think a webpage with a JS search through a dictionary would be better than a post.


If a codebit is like a codepen then...

A CodePen Pen is their crown jewel, a sophisticated relationship between the iframe element and ajax calls to retrieve & modify a hosted projects select source files live and update the view.

There's my first contribution ; )


I would just make a git repo and store the terms in a json file with a keyword parameter followed by a description, maybe an example parameter. MySQL database would be even easier.