Lessons on Flexbox?

So, in the opening introduction to the Grid section of the CSS course, it mentions previous lessons on Flexbox. Nowhere in the CSS course did it cover Flexbox. I remember being particularly disappointed about this, because most forums seem to suggest that Flexbox is the new standard, and more capable than all the other display: properties together.

Does Codecademy actually have a lesson on Flexbox?



Well, not really sure about it but I can tell Flexbox is being used as alternative to other grid techs in framework like as Bootstrap and Foundation. You can either enable Flexbox grids or any other CSS grid system available for such frameworks.

I don’t think so, I remember way back ago when I finished the CSS course and it hasn’t Flexbox. Also it is too specific to be teach in one course since its use is pretty easy thanks to the documentation available at their website.

Flexbox is being used a lot, from what I can tell. I didn’t think there was anything about it, but it mentioned it in the Intro to Grid.

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I was also wondering about the missing Flexbox lesson, as the Introduction to Grids makes it sound like we’ve missed an important step.

I’ve managed to find it in the Web Development Path syllabus - it’s at the end of Section 4 (Getting More Advanced with Design) under Layout with Flexbox. Here’s a link to the actual lesson Flexbox, and in the syllabus you’ll also find a project. This Path includes a lesson on Flexbox, but doesn’t seem to include CSS Grid - strange…

@mtf also posted a link to an article on Flexbox here.

I’m interested to know if it would be recommended to take the Flexbox lesson before moving onto CSS Grid (after having already completed the Box Model and CSS Display and Positioning lessons)?


I would recommend taking the Flexbox lesson because CSS Grid probably gonna rely on it unless… it is done purely by hand :smiley:

Not sure what you mean by that…?

I’ve actually gone ahead and taken the first CSS Grid lesson (CSS Grid Essentials) before checking out Flexbox, and so far it’s been no problem without Flexbox knowledge… :sweat_smile:

I will go back and do Flexbox eventually, though :+1:

It matters not which order assuming we are sticking to the one as we learn. Both are adopted into the CSS API and have their own intrinsic value. We need not complicate a simple design layout, or reach for too many tools.

It’s the delivery process that is the deciding factor. How simple, how scalable, how social, seem to be the gauge. Purpose based design considerations are tantamount in meeting these goals. There is no magic sauce.

Does a design’s purpose necessitate incorporating both Grid and Flex? Then get it right and celebrate. That’s the bottom line. When we think we’re being clever, that’s when we get snafu’d.